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Chronoblast II - Scoring

Chronblast2 Scorng

Hud elements

Refer to the image to familiarize yourself with the various HUD elements important to scoring.

The main score

The counter

The hyper meter



Killing enemies or cancelling bullets will release golden coins/gems on the screen. When they spawn, they will have a blue glow around them. This glow rapidly shrinks. The timer for a gems glow starts at 1.0 seconds.


4 - If the gem is collected within the first 0.5 seconds of the gems life

2 - If the gem is collected after 0.5 seconds

1 - If the gem is collected after the glow has completely disappeared


Other than adding to the COUNTER - Gems will also add to your overall score with the following formula   Add Score (COUNTER / 100)



When using your secondary weapon, your ship will be surrounded by a flashing laser aura. Other than being a graphical effect, this aura can be used to rapidly boost your counter.


Attacking large enemies with your aura, or attacking smaller enemies during their invincibility frames will provide a significant boost to your counter and thus overall score.



Destroying enemies will:

  • Release Gems

  • Add enemies base score value

  • Add 1 to counter

Add current counter value to score



Bullets that pass over your ship but do not hit your hitbox will add to your graze counter every frame. Every time the graze counter reaches 10, you will receive an additional point to your overall counter.


This graze counter bonus stacks with multiple bullets, so grazing 10 bullets at once is equal to +1 to your counter every frame.



Anything that adds to your counter will add hyper meter. It’s that simple. At the time of writing this, the hyper meter value is 4096. 


Gems collected during hyper yield an additional 4 counter points.

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