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Welcome to Norty Games

Get to know Norty Games, a Game Development Studio dedicated to making the kind of games we grew up with and still love to this day.

Our focus is on scrolling shooters, run n guns and really any sort of game you might have found in a 90s or early 2000s arcade. Because sometimes, the classics are classics for a reason.​



Xbox Live Indie - 2013

A vertical scrolling STG made in XNA/C# for the Xbox 360 XBLIG Platform. Unfortunately the code for this original release has long since gone, but thanks to the community support - a newer game is underway.

It was really fun to work on this and get feedback from arcade operators who volunteered to run the game in their cabinets.

For the price of the game ( under $1 !), it really was received better than I thought. But, it was definitely the sacrificial lamb for all that shall come.

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